Slyde signs new sponsorship deal with the European Poker Tour

Less than one month from now, the European Poker Tour will resume in Barcelona and the 100th event will unfold in Catalonia. There are plenty of poker professionals expected to attend this competition, with most of them chasing the elusive victories in this famous tournament. It all begins with this one event, but until the end of the year, the series will travel throughout Europe, bringing together some of the best poker players in the world.

The prizes awarded are comparable to the ones won by the most successful players at the World Series of Poker, but so are the buy-ins. This has a deterring effect on regular players, who don’t have the resources or experience to compete against professionals who sit on a pile of money. Nevertheless, there is never a shortage of players at the EPT, with the series gaining traction every year and attracting more sponsors.vegastexas spread the news about Slyde signing new a sponsorship deal with the European Poker Tour. This is not the first time that the famous watch manufacturer decides to team up with the organizers of the most important poker series on the old continent. With so many players competing in this tournament and even more watching action live over the Internet, both parties involved have a lot to gain from this source of exposure.

Slyde is the official watch sponsor for the third year now and they will be providing the winners with a state-of-the-art product. Depending on the tournament they win, players will receive a lot of money and a ‘Black and Steel’ or a ‘Black and Rose’ Slyde on top of their payout. Wearing such a watch is a sign of distinction, similar to the one generated by those who are the lucky owners of a WSOP bracelet.

This is not the only partner for the European poker tour 2014, with Skullcandy and Suesswaren being more than willing to sponsor the circuit. Those who will be traveling to Barcelona will definitely notice the famous brands proudly displayed at the premises and the ones who end up winning events will enjoy their fine products. The Barcelona tournament begins on August 16 and will last for almost 2 weeks, being the first and most important milestone for players who frequently attend the European Poker Tour.