Nevada Palace

palaceNevada Palace closed in February, 2008 and was replaced by The Eastside Cannery. The Eastside Carry was constructed in an area right behind Nevada Palace, and the spot where Nevada Palace used to stand now serves as a spacious parking lot for the Eastside Cannery.

Renowned Las Vegas businessman William Wortman co-owned Nevada Palace from 1985 to 20008, and the new Eastside Cannery has been built by Cannery Casino Resorts, a company funded by Wortman and industry veteran Bill Paulos in 1996. (The first Cannery property opened in North Las Vegas in 2003.)

Nevada Palace

Ever since its inception, Las Vegas has been a vibrant city where empires are built and lost and hotels come and go. Nevada Palace is far from the first casino property to be bulldozed down to give place for something new, but that doesn’t stop the fans of Nevada Palace from mourning their beloved Boulder Highway hangout.

With a100 hotel rooms and a 15,000 sq ft casino, Nevada Palace was commonly described as a “grind joint”. Originally a 200+ room hotel, Nevada Palace opened in July 1979 and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy just a year later. In the summer of 1980, creditors forced the hotel to shut down for a day and the casino to shut down for 10 months.

Nevada Hotel got a new owner, but was placed under Chapter 11 once more in January 1983. In late 1985, William Wortman and Renate Schiff stepped in, with Schiff personally guaranteeing roughly $120,000 in unpaid Social Security taxes. In addition to paying the IRS, the hotel and casino also had to pay back several other creditors to prevent bankruptcy.

Under Wortman’s and Schiff’s leadership, Nevada Hotel became well-known among Las Vegas regulars for its kind service and friendly atmosphere. The casino was welcoming to everyone, not just to experienced gamblers, and despite its modest appearance the Nevada Hotel cafe served up excellent food.

Eastside Cannery Casino and Hotel

Eastside Cannery Casino and Hotel is located on 5255 Boulder Highway on Las Vegas’ eastside. When it opened in 2008, it was the first new major casino to open in the area in more than a decade. Many of the current employees of the Eastside Cannery used to work at Nevada Palace.

Eastside Cannery has 300+ hotel rooms and 65,000 sq ft of gambling space. Have your pick from roughly 2,000 slot machines and over 25 table games. There is also a 450-seat bingo room, a poker room, and a race and sports book. In addition to gambling facilities, the Eastside Cannery sports five restaurants, three bars, a private club on the 16th floor and a ballroom.

The Eastside Cannery poker room is known for its low table limits, unlimited comps and appealing special offers. 24 hours of play will give you $24 of comps. By playing poker at the cash game tables, you can qualify for freerolls with $5,000 in the prize pot. Every night at 7 p.m, there is a No Limit Hold’em tournament with a very reasonable $25 buy-in. Great for anyone who wants to play tournament poker without risking a fortune.

Smoking is banned in the entire poker room.