Chris Moorman becomes a Triple Crown winner

Not many poker players have what it takes to be successful over the Internet, but Chris Moorman is one of those who have no problem in winning at both cash tables and tournaments. In fact he has been so successful online that over the course of time he won in excess of $11 million which is a record that nobody seems capable of matching anytime soon.


Add to this the fact that he recently became a Triple Crown winner and it is easy to explain why so many poker players regardless of skill level are waiting for him to publish his book. He has a lot of experience in both high-stakes and lower limits, with all tournament formats being familiar to him and results speak for themselves. One of his recent accomplishments is the victory in the €10,000 Guaranteed Rebuy on the iPoker Network which allows them to set another milestone in an already impressive career.

Chris Moorman was not particularly effective at the World Series of Poker 2014, where he started slow and had to settle for a couple of money finishes. He seems to be back on track and recently won the Winamax High Roller tournament, which marks his fourth victory in this event. Despite spending a lot of time competing over the Internet in events that are extremely demanding, Chris found the time and energy to write a book that is expected to be published in November.

Moorman is very serious about this project and apparently he already wrote in excess of 50,000 words which is a lot of information for players to intake. More will follow and with the deadline being set for November 18, poker players should set a reminder because Moorman’s Book of Poker is very likely to be a hit. He worked closely with Byron Jacobs who is also an experienced poker player and has analyzed more than 100 hands, so there is plenty of information for those interested.