Andre Lettau prevails in €5,300 Main Event at EPT Barcelona

The European Poker Tour Barcelona was bound to set new milestones and probably some records, as this was the 100th event organized by the EPT. Poker professionals were fully aware of the fact that this will attract thousands of players and they made sure that their plans included this prominent tournament. They were right to participate in the €5,300 Main Event which ended up bringing together a total of 1496 players and creating a prize pool of millions of dollars.

TrophyThe winner was certain to collect a total of more than €1 million, while the first to be sent to the rail at the final table having to settle for 10 times less. This explains why those who made a deep run in the €5,300 Main Event at EPT Barcelona found it impossible to relax and they kept pushing forward. Many poker professionals and even more amateurs were eliminated much earlier and some of them were players who won the ante package over the Internet, as a result of playing in qualifiers.

It goes without saying that the vast majority of players paid the buy-in out-of-pocket, so they did their very best to enjoy the top return on investment. Some of the most intense hands were played during the bubble stage and this is when some of the last poker professionals were eliminated. There were plenty of pros who failed to make the money and the fact that none of them reached the final table is surprising.

Andre Lettau, Samuel Phillips and Hossein Ensan made the final table with decent stacks and they were entitled to have high expectations. Each caused the elimination of one opponent and by the time three handed play began, they contemplated the possibility of a deal. It was Samuel Phillips who made the proposition and the fact that he had the biggest that at that moment, made it much easier for his opponents to accept the agreement.

Once the money was split according to how many chips they had in front of them, the American and the two remaining Germans were left to play for the trophy. Andre Lettau was no longer under pressure and despite the fact that he had the second stack, he was the more aggressive player and his strategy paid off big time. He doubled up ones and from that point onward there was no stopping to him, as he won the tournament and a corresponding paycheck of almost €800,000.

To get the right idea about how the final table looked like at the Barcelona Main Event, check this list:





1 Andre Lettau Germany €794,058
2 Samuel Phillips United States €1,021,275
3 Hossein Ensan Germany €652,667
4 Andrea Dato Italy €362,000
5 Andrey Shatilov Russia €286,000
6 Kiryl Radzivonau Belarus €224,500
7 Ji Zhang Germany €171,600
8 Slaven Popov Bulgaria €121,300