Poker Strategy

Doyle Brunson’s Super System 2

This book is widely hailed as the Poker Bible and its influence on modern poker strategy can hardly be overstated. In addition to Doyle Brunson, poker legends such as Bobby Baldwin, Chip Reese and Mike Caro all contributed to the book in their respective fields of expertise.

When the first edition of this poker strategy book was published back in 1979, it was truly revolutionary and Doyle Brunson’s chapter on No Limit Texas Hold’em produced the outline for the aggressive modern poker strategy so commonly seen in tournaments nowadays.

Super System 2 is an updated version of the original book, edited and expanded to suite today’s poker world. It does for instance include pokers strategy articles from Daniel Negreanu, Lyle Berman, Johnny Chan, Jennifer Harman, and Todd Brunson.

The Theory of Poker by David Sklansky

This poker strategy book is not recommended for the total beginner, since it requires at least a basic understanding of poker and poker strategy to be useful. If you have some poker experience and is looking to deepen and flesh-out your knowledge of poker strategy, it is on the other hand an excellent choice.

In his book, David Sklansky dives deeply into a variety of core poker strategy concepts, including areas such as pot odds, effective odds and implied / reverse implied odds. You will also find in-dept articles on game theory and Sklansky’s own “fundamental theorem of poker”.

If you have played No Limit Hold’em only, some of the poker strategy examples can be difficult to understand since they concern other poker variants, such as Stud and Razz.

2 + 2 PokerCast

The 2 + 2 PokerCast is a pod cast produced in Vancouver, Canada. It started out as Rounders Radio before being snapped up by the 2 + 2 poker forum. The hosts Mike Johnson and Adam Schwarts have created an interesting blend of poker strategy, news and celebrity interviews. Many of the worlds greatest poker players have visited the 2 + 2 PokerCast, often to discuss in-dept poker strategy.

PoketFives pod cast

Hosted by David Hubar, the PocketFives pod cast is a reliable source of poker strategy, including first-class Q&A and interviews with successful cash game and tournament players. The focus is on online poker, although quite a few of the strategy discussions are valid for live play as well.

Cash Plays pod cast

Interested in improving your cash game? Hosted by professional poker player Jeremiah Smith, the Cash Plays pod cast is focused solely on cash game strategy (online and offline). Smith has a neck for breaking down game theory and applying it on real-world scenarios in a fashion that makes it accessible to anyone. Successful cash game players (especially high stakes players) are frequently invited for specialty segments. Anyone can pick up gems of cash game poker strategy from this pod cast; it doesn’t matter if you are novice player or a seasoned pro.

The Final Table pod cast

Dennis Phillips and Paul Harris delivers and eclectic mix of poker strategy, legal news and interviews in this weekly poker pod cast. The Final Table started out as a terrestrial radio show, but is now available online.

The Poker Beat pod cast

Once a week, Scott Huff gathers his team of poker insiders to bring the listeners up to speed on what’s going on in the poker world. Although this is not primarily a poker strategy pod cast, it still offers plenty of valuable information for anyone involved in the poker community.