Poker forums

Two Plus Two

Two Plus Two is the poker forum online, formed by statistician and poker player Mason Malmuth. The forum is, among other things, famous for being instrumental in the uncovering of the Absolute Poker cheating scandal.

Two Plus Two is so well-known and celebrated in the business that many poker companies have their own representatives registered at the forum to post news and provide direct feedback to forum members. Sites such as Lock Poker and RPM Poker even have their own dedicated support forums on Two Plus Two.

The poker forum Two Plus Two is owned by Malmuth’s company Two Plus Two Publishing, which in addition to running the forum also publishes gambling books, produces a weekly poker podcast, makes a monthly electronic magazine, and more. The name Two Plus Two comes from Malmuth’s book “Gambling Theory and Other Topics” where the cover shows the equation 2+2 = 4 using card pictures.

In addition to the large English language forum at Two Plus Two, smaller forums are available in Russian, German and French.

Pocket Fives

Founded in 2005, Pocket Fives is a well-established poker forum frequented by plenty of poker veterans from online and offline poker. The archive contains over 5 million posts spread over approximately 400,000 threads.

Pocket Fives main focus is tournament poker, but information and discussions regarding cash games are of course available as well. The forum is very user friendly and finding information is easy and straight forward. Just like Two Plus Two, Pocket Five produce their own pod casts and a long row of big name poker profiles have participated in their programs.

Pocket Fives run PocketFive Rankings, a list featuring the top 100 online tournament players of all time. Rankings are based on tournament results and votes gathered from Pocket Fives Pro Pollers (expert poker players).

Cards Chat

Cards Chat is an international poker forum (in English) with roughly 95,000 members, 150,000+ threads and over 1,6 million posts. They are renowned for arranging private freerolls, real money tournaments and special events open to Cards Chat members only.

The main categories in the forum are General Poker, Poker News, Poker Rooms, Cash Games, Tournament Poker, and Learning Poker.


Managed by Bryan Micon and Todd Witteles, Donk Down has in essence replaced the old NeverWinPoker forum. NeverWinPoker had reputation of being pretty unscrupulous, offensive, drug glorifying, and DonkDown is a chip off the old block, ridden with banners for low-quality poker rooms and products. It can be a great source of fun for anyone who doesn’t mind NSFW (not safe for work) content and have no problem sifting through the ads. If you find something offensive, don’t go crying to the mods or admins because you’ll just waste your energy. If you want a clean, censored and non-seedy poker forum, DonkDown is not the place for you.

Video Poker Forum has a forum dedicated to video poker. Examples of topics covered are video poker strategy, video poker software and favorite casinos. There are also two geographical sub-forums, one for playing video poker in Las Vegas and another one for Atlantic City. At the time of writing, the Video Poker Forum has nearly 55,000 posts.